Pasta Puttanesca

Pasta Puttanesca

A traditional Southern Italian dish utilizing simple and nutritious vegetables to their region. Throw the veggies and garlic into a skillet and allow the flavors to work their own magic!

3 Tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove quartered
1/2 pint mushrooms
1 Tbsp Capers
1/3 cup whole olives (pitted)
28 oz Tomato Sauce
Salt to taste
2 Tbsp chopped parsley
Pasta to serve sauce with; Spaghetti, Fusilli.

In a large pan add water and place onto high heat and bring to a boil.

In a separate skillet pan add all ingredients except the tomato sauce. Allow ingredients to sautee` together for 5 minutes. Add tomato sauce, salt, parsley. cover pan and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.

Fresh Red Ripe Tomatoes is all you need to enjoy Italian Sauce.

When water boils in large pan add 1 Tbsp salt.  For 4 servings add half box pasta (240 grams) and allow to boil in water for about 8 minutes. Place a colander into the sink. Carefully take large pan and empty water and pasta into colander. Add cooked pasta to prepared sauce and integrate will with a large spoon. Place into individual bowls and top off with parmesan cheese and garnish with fresh parsley sprigs .  Delicious!