A Lifestyle Change

Kimberly Crocker is currently employed as a Child Nutrition Specialist with a Fortune 500 Company, is a member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics  and held a moderator position with O.L.L.I. at the University of Cincinnati . While living abroad she taught others how to prepare the local vegetables, proteins, herbs, and spices to optimize the power of food. As an international presenter, she discusses the alimentary impact of The Mediterranean Lifestyle on an individual’s daily outlook, and how food combinations can improve attention, accomplishments, and aspirations.

The various articles within this blog are designed to share nutritional experiences gained through academic research,  while living, teaching, and researching in Italy.  This site promotes The Mediterranean Lifestyle with recipes that emphasize holistic therapy in food preparation including: herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, and grains. Audiences are able to duplicate dishes, experience delicious meals, share newly acquired knowledge, and adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

The information provided is based on global literature studies introduced by Doctors and  Researchers who have passed on the benefits of Food Science. The dietary methodology utilized in educating others embodies (but is not limited to) the Mediterranean, DASH and TLC Diets, all which reflect reduced symptoms of health related pathologies.