Health Properties of Lemon Juice

The miracle that exists in the power of lemon juice cannot be underestimated.

Squeeze the contents of both FRESH lemon halves into a glass of water and drink twice a day. (Lemon juice from stores have stabilizers and should be avioded.)

Having discussed the many benefits of lemon juice with clients, cooking class students, family, and friends I felt it important to share the latest research written by By Traci Joy, eHow Contributor.

How  to Use Lemon Juice

Everyday  Uses for Lemon Juice

“There are a few special properties of lemon juice that give it its health  benefits. The first is a group of compounds called limonoids. Limonoids are  found in many citrus fruits, including lemons. According to the American  Dietetic Association, limonoids are responsible for the bitter taste in citrus  fruits such as lemons and graprefruit. One limonoid in particular, called  limonin, is found to have cholesterol-lowering effects as well.A study in the November/December 2007 issue of “Alternative Therapies”  reports that 80 percent of the cholesterol in the body is made in the liver,  built with a substance called apolipoprotein B and triglycerides. The limonin,  found in lemons, works by slowing the production of both apolipoprotein and  triglycerides. Lemons also contain high amounts of vitamin C, a very powerful  antioxidant that is reported in the June 2006 issue of the “Nigerian Journal of  Physiological Sciences” to dramatically reduce total cholesterol levels after a  mere 30 days of supplementation.

Putting It Into Action

  • Now you know that lemon juice can help you reduce your cholesterol levels,  but you should also know exactly how to use it. You can substitute lemon juice  for high-fat dressings on salads, or saute chicken or fish in lemon instead of  butter.

    You can also use the lemon juice as a drink. Take a fresh lemon and wash it  well. Roll it on the counter top to soften it inside. Cut the lemon in half and  squeeze it into one cup of warm or hot water. Use the other half of the lemon in  a cup of hot water at night. Doing this every day will help bring down your  cholesterol levels, and increase your intake of vitamin C.”

    By Traci Joy, eHow Contributor

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Grocery Shopping List for Weightloss in 5 Tips

2-3 pounds a week weightloss in 5 tips just by sharpening your grocery shopping skills!  Purchase more: lemons, teas, fiber, fish and buy packaged items with high potassium content.

Reading Food Labels

  1. Sodium values should always be less than Potassium values. (Sodium values under 200 mg and Potassium levels, above 300 mg.) Juice from half of lemon squeezed into glass of water will help body rid of excess sodium. 
  2. Choose foods with Mono/Poly unsaturated fats (plant based oils): Olive Oil, Canola and Vegetable Oil, Nuts Tofu, Soy etc.  
  3. Consume fish four times a week, which is higher in Omega 3 and lower  in saturated fats. Contrastly, consume Beef, Pork, Poultry, Chicken three times a week.  
  4. Drink Tea.  Oolong, Green, Black teas have all been linked to weightloss due to their high tocopherol content, which contribute utlimately to how a body can more effectively utlilize calories.
  5. Check label for fiber on ALL prepared foods. Fiber is needed for carrying out unused fats, food products and waste. Some packaged foods  have fiber content ranging from 1g-6g. The more fiber the better!  (Fiber: Grains, Nuts, Fruits, Vegetables.)

Fluids are equally important to a successful diet. Consider adding 1-2 glasses of water with 1/2 to 1 whole lemon each day.  (1/2 lemon for under 150 lb’s. 1 whole lemon if over 150 lb’s)

It’s important to include a variety of foods in your daily diet in order to achieve good health and reasonable weightloss.

Carbohydrates from fruits. Vegetables and whole grains. Fats should be healthy oils. Protein must be lean avg. of 4-6 oz., card deck in size.

Plan for Weightloss

  1. You must eat 5-6 small meals to lose weight.
  2. Plan for a 1400-1600 calorie diet
  3. Consume a eight 8 oz glasses of fluids a day.
  4. Exercise: Aerobic 30 minutes a day (walking, jogging, running, swimming, roller bladding, bikeriding, spinning, stairs.)

Listed below are diet plans that will help you to achieve weightloss and a healthier body.

Meal Plan, Which Calories do you Reduce?

Down Shift to 1350 Calories

Mediterranean Diet Low Sodium Meal Plan

TLC diet, You Choose the Food!

Weightloss! Easy Diet, Keep it Off!

Starting your 2009 Healthy Beginings

Tea, coffee or 4 oz glass of 100% juice.
Milk…. (choices: 8 oz. skim or 1% milk, 4-6 oz low or nonfat yogurt)
Fruit of choice
Bread….Bran Cereal or Oatmeal (low Sodium high Potassium)

Snack am
Fruit with water or tea

Lunch  * may avoid bread and substitute filet of fish (3 oz)
Vegetable….Pepper, Carrot or Celery sticks (1/2 cup)
Bread…. (Aunt Millies multi- grain 2 slices = 1 serving)*
Protein…2 slices turkey
Fruit…….3 slices tomato
Vegetable…..lettuce leaves for sandwhich or salad
condiment….mustard or low sodium vinagrette
Milk….1 oz cheese (optional. May trade for serving of skim milk)
Fresh Fruit Choice (Not canned!)
Lemon with water or tea

Snack pm
Protein and Fat…1 oz nuts (28 pieces= Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Soy)
Vegetable of choice

Bread… 1/2 cup cooked whole grain pasta, multi grain dinner roll
3 Vegetables  (baked or steamed) condiments for cooked vegetables= Mrs Dash salt substitute, pepper, herbs
Fat…for salad = low sodium vinagrette or Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Protein…3 oz lean meat, chicken breast or fish filet baked, broiled or grilled
Fruit of choice
Fluid…water or skim-1% milk 8 oz glass

wine or beer 5 oz only 3 days in the week otherwise they contain 90+ calories each. Opt for water. 0 calories!

Dessets no more than 3 in the week.

By Kimberly Crocker