Visual Veggies DTR / RD Exams

Taking on the world of Dietetics and Nutrition can be exciting in a day when nutrition is being valued and encouraged more than ever before!  Equally important is making sure that one is qualified and certified when passing on healthcare advice. For those entering into the world of studying state exams, consider a necessary tool for your education box.

   Visual Veggies is a program that is designed to promote nutrition knowledge and build on dietetic information. It provides insight taking one through HUNDREDS of questions and answers that are related to: Monitoring, Nutrition Care, Sanitation, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Marketing, Management, Tube Feedings and more.

The tutorial assists Dietary / Sports Nutrition students and young professionals to better understand their job allowing for an opportunity to freshen up on  clinical knowledge and their policies and procedures.

My personal experience with Visual Veggies is that it helps me better understand the biochemistry of our bodies. I liked the overall  math preparation from the management section and how to apply calorie information for  for tube feedings. Visual Veggies will be utilized in my presentations and dietary consultations.

If you or a friend will soon be studying for a DTR or RD exam, INCLUDE Visual Veggies into your study routine so that you can be  prepared to test and follow your dreams in nutrition.

Ordering is easy and practice is the optimal path to preparation and opportunity. Click to order Visual Veggis Practice Tests and Quizzes. I am proof that the program works and that the Visual Veggies CD was an asset in passing the CDR DTR Exam!