Visual Veggies Hanging with Nutrition

Played just like “Hangman”, nutrition based clues to “brain train” those in the nutrition field preparing for the RD or DTR Exams.

Visual Veggies Hanging with Nutrition is a smart method to build on nutrition, management, biochemical and dietetic knowledge.  Students enrolled in the Dietetic’s or Sports Nutrition Academics will find learning through a “hangman” style game, as a friendly way to enhance their understanding of the nutrition material as they prepare for the RD or DTR Exams.

Advantages of  brain training through “Hanging with Nutrition” are many! The game is set up with clues that are given to the anticipated answer and upon completion of each answer (right or wrong), a full explanation of the intended clue is revealed at the bottom of the page.  “Note Taking” is also provided on every game page, as is the opportunity to block or highlight a question. A less obvious feature is the desire to return to the game and improve upon performance. The structure of the game streamlines future study time, placing focus only on the areas of personal improvement designed by the individual.

Visual Veggies Hanging with Nutrition has additional quizzing in: Management, Marketing, NCP, Sanitation and Safety.  Students in the nutrition and dietetic’s fields will benefit from the daily discipline of Visual Veggies and receive positive reinforcement that encourages long term learning.