Getting from depression to”Walking on Sunshine”

Seasonal Affective Disorder is often linked to depression and one of the many pathologies related to lack of sunshine.   However to get through the dreary days a small vacation may help somewhat to overcome the moment, as will an investment into some fluorescent light bulbs that are kept on in the home through out the day or using sun lamps with in your home.  Research has shown that your body only needs 15 minutes of sunshine per day, but psychologically you may be beaten down and looking for other tricks that can be more helpful. Tell your doctor what you are feeling so that he can diagnose and can help you set up a plan by doing any or all of these: prescribe medications, exercise and nutrition.

Your doctor may prescribe various anti-depressants at a lower dose in order to keep the hormone serotonin at higher levels. Serotonin is naturally produced by your body converting a mineral into a hormone. If the body is not able to produce enough serotonin or if it is quickly absorbed by the blood this is called depression.

Exercise is also encouraged during this time to increase the endorphins within the brain so that your response to a grey day may not be no longer dread, but “Spring is around the corner!”  Get the blood pumping! Your body will feel more energized and you will feel more focused.  It can be as simple as a 30 minute walk per day!

Lastly, nutrition is key to helping it all come together.  Tryptophan  is a mineral found in a variety of foods to help fight depression, they include: chocolate, bananas, poultry, meat, whole grain pasta, figs, fish, peanuts, dairy products, especially milk and cottage cheese.  Investing into some shopping time along with a warm glass of milk before bed time will allow the tryptophan to convert to serotonin which directly affects a happier mood when waking up and beginning the morning.

Foods to AVOID.  Any foods or drinks (Diet) with aspartamine (aspartame or phenylalanine) should be avoided.  Multiple studies have shown this artificial sweetener to depress serotonin levels. Those with a history of mood disorders or depression have been linked to a severe reaction after consuming aspartamine.

By Kim Scardicchio

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