Stepping out and Walking Tall

The fresh air and singing birds often beckon hibernating individuals out to exercise and to “get into shape”.  Having someone to walk with is a great way to promote the idea of “well-being” and you can effectively lose weight by exercising for 30 minutes each day.  Recently, a client scheduled a time to go for a walk and after five minutes I was asked to slow down my stride. This is a common complaint that I hear from individuals when encouraging them to walk at an aggressive pace (more than leisurely).  After ten minutes of walking they feel sharp pains in the chest area.  Increased blood flow will cause the pain in the chest as you are asking your heart to work more than it usually does.  Slow the pace down and take water with you.  Water supplies our body with two critical elements: hydration and oxygen.  Over exertion will lead to shortness of breath and over extension of muscles produce lactic acid, (in layman’s terms, your muscles will be sore).  Therefore, it is critical that we listen to our bodies. 

Additionally, nutrition is important to keep our hearts healthy by implementing a proper diet.  Eating an assortment of 4 fruits and 5 vegetables will provide your organs with much needed vitamins and minerals.  Healthy fatsfound in olive oil, nuts and seeds are needed to keep muscles lubricated.  

Applaud your efforts for taking the first steps to being healthy. Star walking at a leisurely pace and gradually increase your speed.  Slow down if you feel pain and drink water along the way.  Eventually, you can pursue going outside your comfort zone and jog for 2 minutes and walk for 3 minutes.  Challenge yourself and flip the time by walking for 2 min.’s and jogging for 3 min.’s.  Within a matter of a month you will feel stonger and healthier.

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