Obestiy…Biochemical, Hormonal, Fat or Carbs related?

There are many discussions on how obesity comes about, and is presently being researched by renowned Physicians and Dietitians.  What happens in the uterus when the fetus develops is key to understanding not only the “Nature” ( DNA ), but the “Nurture” or nourishment of the infant.  Children imitating their parents eating habits may actually begin much earlier than before starting their  first foods, outside the womb.

It’s already known that mothers who take drugs or drink will have babies born with addictions.  What about Corn Syrup and the fact that it is often a key ingredient in many processed foods? Once upon a time ketchup contained anchovies, now it contains corn syrup.  Strangely enough, many continents who have already made corn syrup unlawful in their countries, do not have the same amount of individuals suffering from pathologies, such as diabetes and kidney disease in the numbers that we have in the USA. 

The following video with Joy Behr (View), Dr. Weil, Dr. Oz and Dr. Taubes present many questions that are being studied and researched today.  You may want to additionally check out the Articles & Videos section which include topics on: Calorie Restriction, “Which Calories Do You Reduce” and Control Obesity, Control Pathologies?.