Anti-Aging Foods: Salmon, Berries, Green Tea & More

The secret to feeling and looking younger comes down to fighting inflammatory substances that we ingest. Dr. Nicholas Perricone discusses the many benefits of whole foods and why they are a must in our diet.  It’s important for readers to understand that certain nutrients work more effectively in our body when in the presence of antioxidants.   Listed below are some substances found in foods that are linked to accelerating the body’s aging process:

1. Sucrose, such as corn syrup.

2.  Certain complex carbohydrates such as: white breads, cookies, chips.

3. Trans fats, which is any oil that has been hydrogenated, i.e. shortening. 

The Great News, as noted by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, is that certain foods high in antioxidants, reduce the effect’s of inflammation, associated with anti-aging.  Some nutritional foods to consider are:    Salmon, Blueberry and Green Tea.

Anti-oxidants, when consumed can fight the oxidants (O+) by attaching themselves to the free radicals and in turn reduce inflammation linked to many aspects of the aging process, not limited to, heart disease and even wrinkles.

Salmon contains a wonderful anti-oxidant (astaxanthin), causing Vitamin C and E to work longer, promoting the health of our eyes and skin.  Additionally, salmon is an excellent source of protein, which is needed to make all cells: skin, hair, eyes, muscles and organs.  It also contains a healthy fat found in the Omega 3 which promotes HDL to reduce the negative effects of LDL cholesterol.

Berries contain anthocyanin’s, which helps Vitamin C and E work better in the body. Research performed in Denmark found that Berries are used in the the reduction of inflammation and prevention or treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia and mood disorders.

Green Tea is a brain-wise healthy drink.  February 14, 2008 it was noted in the “Journal of Nutrition and Biochem”, by Japanese researchers that, “The catechins found in green tea are a source of anitoxidative defence for the brain neurons, preventing cognitive deficits.” Green tea does not stimulate your need for food. However, caffeine found in (north american) coffee, promotes hunger and a cascading process that begins with salivase (enzymes in your mouth) and ends with HCL found in your stomach, which can only be satisfied through food intake.  These foods are not usually associated with fruits and vegetables, but cookies, cakes and pies that are linked with inflammatory substances and weight gain.   

Three strong antioxaditive foods: Salmon, Blueberries and Green Tea, should be included in everyone’s daily meal plan, in order to, maintain ones mental and physical being. Additional fruits and vegetables high in anti-oxidants are: avocado, melon, whole grains, rice, soy, nuts, cruciferous vegetables. Two spices linked to improving th circulatory system are garlic and ginger.  Water is an individual’s best friend, as the human body is composed of 60% water.  

Eat whole foods, drink both water and green tea to give yourself the winning edge in keeping your body healthy and strong, which in the end is a contributing factor to longevity.

By:  Kimberly Crocker

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