Animal Fat…To Eat or Not to Eat

The danger of a high Protein diet, which is commonly linked to a high animal fat diet seems to be up for discussion again during January, the month of the diet!

While a small amount of animal fat can be found in ones diet beef, chicken, fish and poultry should be consumed in the amount of 4 oz /day (114g a day).  Eating a deit high in animal fat is dangerous, a.ka. Saturated Fat and is the culprit of high cholesterol. (Unsaturated Fat comes from plant oils and nuts.) Our liver already produces a perfect amount of cholesterol (1g/day) to meet our hormone needs.
A high animal fat diet is dangerous, especially, if there is a lack of fiber and exercise in ones daily routine.  Pathologies such as artherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries due to fat lined within veins and arteries of heart, which block oxygen to the heart, causing a portion of the heart to die.), heart attack, stroke, arthritis, inflammation and kidney failure.

The heart healthy Omega 3,6, found primarily in fish (and walnuts 1 oz or 28g /day) should be consumed 4-6 oz/ day or 114-168g/day three -four times a week. This nutritional fat is a healer in that it is largely responsible for reducing inflammation of all types.

Give yourself permission to enjoy hamburgers, steak, sausage, porkloins and pies, but monitor them carefully in a daily and weekly diet as to curve nutritionally linked diseases.

By: Kimberly Crocker