The Ultimate Ingredient

The unteachable ingredient is the most important and it begins with the farmers!

One noticeable golden thread that passes from the weathered hard working hands of labor is that of respect and passion. The farmers, fisherman, and gardeners along the costal countries which border the Mediterranean Sea translate their passion by handling the food with good intentions, admirable aspirations of delivering quality nutrients to the locals, with pride in their produce, a smile on their face, it is all done with utmost respect and affection for neighbors and residents alike.

A stark transcontinental contrast to the American Food Science Industry where the word “chemicals” is substituted by the words “Fruit Snacks” in order to convince a younger generation of what is an actual fruit form.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle has afforded me the possibility of researching, studying, and experiencing the rich culture of nutritious alimentation that reaches our tables. My goal has been to teach methods of optimizing the nutrients that come from the seeds that have grown into vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables that arrive with gusto at each and every meal.

Teachable lessons address the quality of  the produce (I have learned) that may or may not be essential, as it could be limited based on geography. Heating methods change from country to country because of the current distribution within homes. I have seen circuits blow out in an entire home just because the kitchen lights were turned on at the same time the oven was warming to it’s ideal temperature. (A single top heating unit works whether gas or electric.) Utensils for improving food preparation, while in abundance in countries like the United States, are not always readily available globally; a knife and wooden spoon can be more than enough to get one around the kitchen. Cooking often begins with a base of fat, a healthy choice is olive oil over low heat with added herbs, spices, vegetables, meat, poultry, or fish.

Notably, the execution of the technical aspect of cooking can be taught, monitored, encouraged, and at last tasted, but the one thing that I cannot teach is the emotion that must accompany cooking.  Many times I have received a call of desperation, “I did everything that you told me to do! I followed the recipe to the letter. It must be inferior ingredients. WHAT DID I DO WRONG?”

My reply: “Give your food a voice”. Did you listen to it as you prepared it? What did the simmering look like? How did  it smell or taste? Was the meat sticking to the pan when you tried to pry it from it’s cooking process?  Yes, all these techniques are critical to reproducing a healthy recipe….

…however, let’s no overlook a critical key that unlocks a successful meal, What was your physical presence: in a hurry, angry, sad, OR happy, content, positive? A word of caution when preparing food for those who you appreciate, those individuals must be elevated in importance, as you would value their conversation value their palate. Promote a progressive meal that is robust of flavors that comes into a calm, upbeat, and yes, loving atmosphere. The additive of your best self should also be that of the continued golden thread of passion and priority in order to provide a delectable meal.

Learn from the shimmering string of labor that brought the food over the miles to your kitchen, the ultimate and unteachable ingredient to an optimal meal comes from your passion as you stir the food, check the fluid, and taste the seasoning, the ingredient to a successful meal is always love.