Calcium and Vitamin D changes LDL & HDL Numbers

“In a recent study, women with low calcium intake were given either a calcium + vitamin D supplement or placebo in conjunction with a 15-week weight-loss program. Those who received the calcium + vitamin D supplement had a greater tendency for beneficial changes in LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and total cholesterol levels.

Calcium and vitamin D supplements enhance health benefits of weight loss
Research has demonstrated that overweight individuals with low calcium and dairy intakes have an increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Naturally, this suggests that adequate calcium intake could create a healthier metabolic profile ” one more similar to a balanced diet and regular exercise.
In a recent study, researchers explored this possibility by testing cardiovascular health indicators after long-term calcium supplementation in women with usual low calcium intake. Healthy overweight or obese women with a daily calcium intake of less than 800 mg per day were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 groups: group A received two tablets/day of a calcium + vitamin D supplement (600 mg elemental calcium and 200 IU vitamin D/tablet), while group B received a placebo. Both groups completed a 15-week reduced calorie weight-loss program.
Significant decreases in LDL cholesterol levels, as well as improvements in the ratios of total to LDL and LDL to HDL cholesterol were seen the calcium + vitamin D group. These changes were independent of changes due to fat loss and reduced waist circumference. Tendencies for more beneficial changes in HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and total cholesterol were also observed in the calcium + vitamin D group.

This study demonstrates that adequate consumption of calcium and vitamin D during weight loss enhances other beneficial effects of body weight loss on cardiovascular risk factors in overweight women with previously low calcium intake. ” Literature Referece:American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 85, No. 1, 54-59, January 2007


Obestiy…Biochemical, Hormonal, Fat or Carbs related?

There are many discussions on how obesity comes about, and is presently being researched by renowned Physicians and Dietitians.  What happens in the uterus when the fetus develops is key to understanding not only the “Nature” ( DNA ), but the “Nurture” or nourishment of the infant.  Children imitating their parents eating habits may actually begin much earlier than before starting their  first foods, outside the womb.

It’s already known that mothers who take drugs or drink will have babies born with addictions.  What about Corn Syrup and the fact that it is often a key ingredient in many processed foods? Once upon a time ketchup contained anchovies, now it contains corn syrup.  Strangely enough, many continents who have already made corn syrup unlawful in their countries, do not have the same amount of individuals suffering from pathologies, such as diabetes and kidney disease in the numbers that we have in the USA. 

The following video with Joy Behr (View), Dr. Weil, Dr. Oz and Dr. Taubes present many questions that are being studied and researched today.  You may want to additionally check out the Articles & Videos section which include topics on: Calorie Restriction, “Which Calories Do You Reduce” and Control Obesity, Control Pathologies?.

Control Obesity, Control Pathologies???

PLEASE VIEW!!!  Dr. Oz, a nationally renowned Physician, conducts a round table discussion on “Obesity and Diets” that may or may not contribute to pathologies.  What do we really know about nutrition and how it should be individualized?  Does obesity then relate to our hormonal and biochemical make-up?  What we do know is that an individual can change their DNA (as related to predipostion) make-up based on a two year dietary intake.

Globally, research is being done on nutrition and it’s impact leading up to certain pathologies.  The North American diet, with the exculsion of Alaska, is not healthy.   It has been shown that individuals in Asia, South Europe (mediterranean) and Central America have biomarkers that are healthier than what is found in other parts of the world.  Could this be related to the “essesntial fatty acids” found in omega 3, commonly found in fish and various seafood?  Could it be related to lifestyle, more walking and working with ones hands or more rest?  I look forward to hearing from the readers and what their experience has been.

Great information not commonly known amongst the public at large.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center (GUEST HOST); Gary Taubes, Journalist; Dr. Dean Ornish, Founder and President, Preventative Medicine Research Institute; Dr. Barbara Howard, Amer… (more)
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