Fall Grill for Summer Eating

20150405_120416 Choose a variety of veggies and grill to your liking, then enhance their flavors.

Roasted Red Peppers peeled by placing them in a covered dish for 10 minutes, remove the skin and discard. There sweetness is tasted through a unique marinde for 2 hours by adding: minced garlic, parsley, raisins, capers Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Green Beans hardiness are enjoyed by gently boiling them for 6 minutes, drain, place into a bowl and toss with: salt, pepper, chopped thyme and wet with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Grilled Portabella Mushrooms are delectable with Boursin Cheese, a quarter minced cl0ve garlic and chopped rosemary.

Steam Fennel for 3 minutes and add to grill. Enjoy when cooled!

Artichokes are made tasty with added lemon zest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Thinly slice Eggplant and lighltly salt, placing into a colander for 20 minutes. Dab dry with a paper towel and place the slices onto the grill. Once done toss slices in a medium size dish with: oregano, minced garlic clove, red pepper flakes, parsley, and add Extra Virgin Olive Oil.