Fall Cooking Classes

Welcome Back to the Grand Opening of the Fall Eat Know How Cooking Class. The kitchen has gone through a complete tear down and  remodeled to accommodate the many students who enjoy learning about the Mediterranean Diet. Work stations have been expanded and the kitchen meets the standards for promoting Food Safety. What is not seen is all the updates behind the walls that make the kitchen OSHA ready. As usual, each class will focus on a particular group of food and there will continue to be something EXTRA in each class to encourage the “Stay at the Table” motto.

Morning Classes will be held on Wednesdays from 10:30 am – 1:00 pm        Evening Classes will be held on Thursdays from 6:30 – 7:00 pm

October 16 am class  & October 17 pm class  You are invited to a Food tasting, New to you foods that you may enjoy pairing with traditional Mediterranean flavored meals. Tasty dishes to enjoy as you gather together to enjoy the reopening of the New Eat Know How Kitchen! Don’t Miss this Opportunity to socialize, enjoy a meal and see some of the new foods that you can enjoy! FREE

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October 23 am class & October 24 pm class.  Olive Oil Field Trip.  Time to experience the foundation of the Mediterranean Lifestyle, the principle fat extra virgin olive oil is dipped, sipped and appreciated by itself or infused with spices. Education on this key staple that’s utilized from Egypt to Portugal will help you to appreciate and enjoy the many health benefits of EVOO. $15.00

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Fish Delight! Learn how to make tasty meals that will have you asking for more seafood!

November 6 am class  & November 7  pm class Our last fish class turned heads as we paired shellfish to wine! Learn about how this low calorie, healthy protein can add years to life. SURE to be enjoyed, this class will focus on the variety of ways to choose and prepare a tasty dish that will have you switching to the other “white meat”! $30.00

Cannelloni is an exquisite additive to any Holiday dinner. Learn how to produce the perfectly moist and tasty dish!

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November 20 am class  & 21 pm class.  Cannelloni  and Tuscan Lasagna.  Making the perfectly moist Cannelloni or Tuscan Lasagna is a common question! Once practiced both will be a wonderful addition to any Holiday dinner. A dish for anyone to enjoy whether for the meat lover or vegetarian. $35.00

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December 4 am class & 5 pm class.  Calzone (pizza pie) and Panzarotti. Entering the winter months and seeking a unique and tasty dish? Learn how the secret to making the “pizza pie” dough that can be utilized for oven baked pizza pie or deep fried vegetable filled savory panzarotti. $35.00

Wine pairing and tasting just in time for your holiday planning!

December 11 am class & 12 pm class.  Wine Tasting and Pairing . Just in time for the holidays, attend the very popular wine tasting and pairing of appetizers. All you need to know in time for making your holiday parties memorable! $40.00

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