True Lava Cake

   Delicious Lava Cake that will leave your palate pleasantly satisfied. Soft warm chocolate cake center will make you a success amongst your guests. Having tested various Lava Cake recipes, this recipe will work producing the “Lava” that the cake is known to do.

Serves 6.  20 minutes preparation time. 7 minutes cooking time!   

Pre-heat oven to 170 C or 340 F. Generously grease a muffin plan.

2 ounces Chocolate Bar. DARK Chocolate
6 tsp heavy whip cream or condensed milk
1 tsp butter

In a microwaveable combine all ingredients and allow chocolate to melt on DEFROST for 90 seconds. Incorporate all ingredients. Place in refrigerator. With a fork whisk melted chocolate every 3 minutes for a total of 7 minutes. Extend plastic wrap onto a tin. With a teaspoon, scoop out a ball of chocolate and with a knife gently place chocolate ball onto plastic, repeat. Place ganache into the freezer for 10 minutes.

Chocolate Batter
3.5 ounces Dark Chocolate
1/3 cup butter
3 Egg yolks
3 tsp Chocolate Powder  (Various name brand’s will produce different types of color chocolate. This will not effect flavor!)
3 Tbsp Flour sifted.

In a bowl, place chocolate and butter. Place into microwave for 90 seconds until chocolate is melted. Incorporate ingredients with fork. Allow to cool down. Add 3 egg yolks, sifted flour and chocolate powder to chocolate mixture. With a spoon or fork, mix all ingredients together. Set aside.

3 egg whites
3 Tbsp sugar

Beat egg whites on high speed for 1 minute. Add a pinch of salt and beat for 1 minutes. Add 3 Tbsp sugar slowly while beating eggs for another minute.

Fold egg whites into chocolate mixture until all chocolate and egg whites are well combined. Gently, Fold ingredients with a flexible spatula bringing together both mixes, by using a motion that rotates from bottom to top in a folding over motion. Continue to fold mixes together until the egg whites are no longer visible, but the air pockets are still noticed. (stirring the mixes will deflate the egg whites and the cake will fall flat.)

With a tablespoon place 1 spoonfuls of chocolate mixture into muffin tin/ramkin. Remove Ganaches from freezer and center one ganache into cake batter. Top off with extra batter as to enclose ganache, tin/ramkin should not exceed 3/4’s full. (otherwise bake lava cake for 9 minutes.)
Place muffin pan into oven and allow lava cakes to bake for 7 minutes on 170 C or 340 F. Do not open oven door while baking! Remove cakes from oven and allow to cool for about 5 minutes. Invert muffin pan onto cookie pan so that lava cakes fall onto pan by themselves. Serve with berries and sprinkle with powder sugar. May rewarm lava cakes in microwave for 3 seconds before serving.