The Benefits of Cappucino on Bones

 More about the benefits of  Tea’s.

Fun food facts for “Coffee Drinkers” and “Tea Toters” on how caffeinated beverages may affect bone absorption and the importance of the presence of calcium in caffeinated drinks.  Various studies have been conducted on the overall effect of caffeine on bones. Caffeine in reduced amounts  does not seem to have a negative effect on calcium absorption when it comes to bone status.  It was also noted that if  1-2 tablespoons of milk was added to a cup of  tea, or coffee, that the calcium that comes  from the milk would offset any of the negative aspects of  caffeine that could otherwise occur if more than 300 mg of caffeine was consumed in a day.  Coffee drinkers should limit their consumption to 3 cups ( 750 ml) per day, while Tea Toters can consume 5 cups (1250 ml ) per day. 


Pubmed:  Effects of caffeine on human health. 2003 Jan;20(1):1-30.

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