Death to Domestic Restaurants?

It is encouraging to note how restaurants brought to the USA from abroad are being embraced as Americans openly try meals from other cultures.   The opportunity for many to enjoy Thai, Japanese, Turkish, Greek and Latin foods have proven that the domestic eateries need to find away to expand their menu’s and experiment with various styles of  food preparation.  A sharp reduction in food chains such as: Bob Evans, Macaroni Grill, Don Pablo’s, Pizza Hut etc. should be a red flag to those in food service when contrasted with how many foreign national shops continue to remain open and thrive, while the other domestic brand names are folding.

Grandma’s recipes from the Islands of Asia, Europe and South America are unboarding the doors of the foreclosed domestic restaurants in America.  They invite you to come in and tempt your tastebuds with a new tantilizing flavor found in their beverages, entree’s and desserts.  Ones palete can almost drive you to the table of an authentic meal,  as opposed to the traditional melted cheese, deep fried, overly salted or peppered meats and vegetables.

While “Mom and Pop” shops provide us with the comfort foods we will crave, it’s the variety of wines, oils, herbs, spices and other seasonings that provide a unique and delightful savor to the new dishes.  Domestic restaurants can break out of the crisis in the States only if they are willing to try some new recipes and add them to their menu’s.  Moving an appetizer to the entree` part of a menu is simply not enough when it comes to make the necessary changes to save some of our favorite Friday and Saturday night hot spots.