Scones from Sarah

1Ib Self Raising Flour 
4 Teaspoons of Baking Powder
4 ozs of Margarine (will try with Butter next time Kim)
Rub all of the above ingredients together finely.
Then add
2 ozs of Sugar
6 ozs of Sultanas
Mix the above together
With a fork add approximately half a pint of milk – slowly to make a soft dough – add more flour if too wet.
Roll out onto a flat surface – about quarter of an inch thickness
Cut out into individual rounds and glaze top with a beaten egg (but not for Ricardo!!)
Place on a baking tray at about 200 c (approximately 10 – 15 mins) until golden brown.
Enjoy with fresh cream and jam or butter.  I like to warm them in the microwave and add butter and jam.
Happy eating!