Raw or Cooked Vegetables

Global Researchers are advicing us to eat raw vegetables in order to optimize la quantity of nutrients for our bodies. The benefits of raw vegetables consists of the stomach feeling satisfied, which contributes to not overeating and keeping focused while at work or studying at school.


While it’s true that cooked vegetables lose the quantity and quality of vitamins, recent research however, shows that there are also benefits from boiled vegetables. Consuming prepared vegetables helps the body absorb larger amounts of antioxidants through the intestine. It is important to note that boiled vegetables should be removed from the water after 3 minutes and at the maximum of 7 minutes.


Another way to eat vegetables is steamed…it is still considered the best way to not lose the quality or quantity of the vitamins while also provinding the benefits of those which are boiled.


For the parents, additional benefits should be noted based on their importance: Raw vegetables have been shown to reduce certain types of cancer, heart attacks, renewing of cells / tissues and weightloss.