Food Combinations for Anemics

Anemia and Iron.  Only 25% of “dietary iron” is absorbed by your body.  It’s been shown that increased iron intake my not be enough to avoid becoming anemic! Instead, one should consider how IRON is combined with other foods in order to overcome problems with anemia.  When trying to improve iron levels consider adding Vitamin C, which is the key ingredient that binds iron to hemoglobin and makes red blood cells come to life.

Suggested tricks for raising iron within your body.
Having a glass of freshly squeezed lemon in water or orange juice with your meal
End each meal by eating fruits, especially those high in vitamin C.
With a spinach salad and add 1 cup of tomatoes, bright colored peppers.
Higher amounts of dietary iron is found in all livers, red meats, eggs, dark green vegetables.
Bright colored fruits and vegetables have a larger quantity of Vitamin C.
Consuming fruits, vegetables and water is strongly encouraged if taking an iron supplement to avoid  the side effects of nausea and constipation.