Healthy Bodies Healthy Snacks

Here’s a few questions to think about the next time you pack your child’s lunch.
Did you know that we can influence your moods, thought processes, immune system and DNA just by what we eat?
How can we help our children optimize their ability to focus, learn and raise their test scores?

It is all in what food they begin their day with, and continue to eat and snack on throughout their day. Healthy snacks for kids are quick and easier to organize than you might think. The taste buds on kids’ tongues are still predominantly influenced by the “sweet” taste buds that are on the tip of their tongue.  As they get older they will start to desire saltier foods influenced by the taste buds on the side of their tongue. Vegetables are sweet in taste when they are uncooked.  If you are struggling with your kids to eat vegetables try serving them sliced and raw with their meals.

Combine your Healthy Snacks   

Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, Pumpkin Seeds, Celery, Fennel, Broccoli  

Oranges, Bananas, Plums, Grapes, Baby Bell Cheese, Sliced Tofu, Yogurt.                 4-24-08-022

  • suggests to “check in airport gift shops for dried fruit, baked chips, trail mixes, or granola bars. Protein bars like Odwalla bars, or Cliff bars  which can all be substituted for heavier calorie meals.”


    Noted daily benefits Vitamin C for skin and eyes and Calcium for mood stabilizer and focus, healthy bones and muscles.  (Extra benefit of calcium could be weight loss.)