Switching from Sam’s and Costco to USANA

I just had to pass this on.  It’s not an endorsement from Eat Know How, but a personal opinon about USANA products.  Please understand, that you can never replace daily intake of whole foods, but there are Benefits from Nutritional Supplements.
Being the penny pincher and doubting Thomas that I am, and after much investigation, I’m switching from Sam’s and Costco on purchases such as: hair and skin products, vitamins (kids and adults), health bars and drinks.   I recently joined USANA who produces high end quality vitamins, minerals, skin and hair  products, health bars and drinks..   After attending a seminar with their USANA’s Lead Biochemist, Dr. John Cuomo,  I was convinced of their products and that becoming a USANA member would be beneficial both economically and healthwise for my family.
The cost is minimal! Compared to Sam’s or Costco quality and quantity of product, USANA is better!  After I added up my yearly cost of: hair and skin products, vitamins, health bars and drinks I concluded that the following benefits made sense to me.
  • Place a one time order of 150 points of merchandise and the membership fee.
  • The total cost is just under $200. (depending on products you order,  prices will vary.) 
  • Renew your membership with USANA  every year for only $20.
  • Family members and friends may purchase directly from you. 
  • Any new members who sign up through you, provides you with a percent back. 
  • Products you personally buy and hand out to others may be TAX DEDUCTIBLE, written off under a personal business claim.
Here’s a link to an article I wrote on the company and their products and a link to their supplements and products, which are many to choose from.
Supplements and Products   Look also under their “search” if item is not found.
Lastly, I’ve researched USANA, and they:
  • Have recieived multiple certifications and have quite a few patents in the 16 years they’ve been around. 
  • Are the supplier of the Olympic athletes with their nutritional supplements.
Let me know if you’re interested in becoming a member and I’ll be happy to share more with you.
Kim Scardicchio
Author of Eat Know How and www.eatknowhow.usana.com
USANA’s Customer service line for more information.  Refer to my name as the USANA Associate Representative