Meal Plan, Which Calories do you Reduce?

Design your 1300-2000 Calorie Meal Plan…Cut calories and stay healthy!  Eat 5 meals a day and drink Water both with and between all meals!  Fluids are equally important to a successful diet. Add 1-2 glasses of water with 1/2 to 1 whole lemon each day. Also drink 1-2 cups of Oolong tea each day. Oolong tea burns over 157% more fat than Green Tea and has become the most popular tea designed to accelerate weigh loss. 
Typical 2000 Calorie recommended Meal Plan

Aunt Millies Bread** (whole/multi-grain) or Oatmeal, fruit, 1% or skim milk, 1 tsp healthy fat (Olio butter)

fruit, 1 bread (2 graham crackers)

3 ounce fish or lean meat,  2 slices of (bread whole or multi-grain),  salad with 1-2 vegetables Salt/Fat free dressing, bread,  fruit

Vegetable,  Nuts 1 oz (optional protein)

3 ounce fish or lean meat, 2 vegetables, fruit, pasta/rice (bread),  skim milk, 1 oz no fat cheese (milk),  low fat dessert, Healthy Fat used for cooking i.e. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

**Bread: Recommend Aunt Millies Bread 2  slices is only 1 serving and 80 Calories and will save 200 calories on this Meal Plan!

Recommended Daily Servings

 4 Fruits- 240 calories,

6 Vegetables- 290 Calories,

5 servings Bread -200 calories,

3 Milk/Dairy -300 Calories,

2 Meats or Fish -600 Calories,

3 Fats -360 calories.   

 NEW Total: 1350 Nutritional Calories

Meal Plan with reduced caloric intake

May reduce Calories by Removing:  

Any 3 Bread servings 160 calories,

1 Meat serving 300 calories,

1 Fat Serving 120 calories,

1 Milk/Dairy 100 calories.

Total removed Calories  -640. 

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